Saturday, April 14, 2018

When Life Gives You Oranges

Here is a new thing I decided to try out for you. As photo tutorials or step by steps are sometime hard to make sense out of, I realized I could make videos of hair transformation. This is my first longer video for you to see how I refreshed my clients hair.

We went from grown out and faded red/copper ombre for a much brighter and better melted version. I used 4.0+6.66 by Loreal for roots and blended it into my extra orange mix of 7.4 and special mix 0/43 with 0/45. All with 20 vol. And tada.
For styling I love Blowout cream from BedHead by TIGI. To lock the curls I spray a bit of gel spray and finish of with Schwarzkopf hairspray.

How did you like the video? Would you like to see more and maybe more detailed?

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dusty Rose Babe

Rose, Rose gold, Dusty Rose etc

All these have been a big trend and obsession over the last year or two years. Everyone tries to make their hair look like this and all the hairdressers try to create their own formulas for these looks.
I had to try it out myself as well. By now I did plenty different shades and mixtures for this trend. And I am here to share now one of them. This was actually the most vibrant and dusty rose shade I made on my lovely client. We went for almost purple-y shade which gives little kick of edge to the style.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


We have all been there once or twice in our life! Getting into that weak moment where the bangs or Mrs.Fringe seem like the best idea. Feels like that change in life you have been needing for so long. But no, no ,no baby girl. Worst decission. It never ends up looking the way it should. Unless you are a stylist that knows what they are doing or a secret talent, I once believed to be.
This situation usually leads to a tiny disaster. You end up going to your stylist anyways and make him/her/me Bangry. That is why I really do recommend turning to us on first place haha. 

From Fireball Into Chic Silver Fox

Are you thinking of changing from red to blonde, perhaps silver? Is your client suggesting this color change? Are you afraid this will not work? 
Well there is a way and I will now show you, how to do so.